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The School Board



The Board of Trustees:


The Board of Trustees consists of the school Principal and five parents from different educational stages elected as board members. Adding to this, there are three teachers, a social worker and five public personalities who are closely related to the current educational issues.


The Board of Trustees Objectives:


  • The Board of Trustees is responsible for taking all the measures concerning the students, the educational operation, the school festivals and celebrations.

  • Establishing decentralization in the administration, the evaluation of performance, the follow-up and the decision-making

  • Participating effectively, with the school administration in preparing an integrated plan for the purpose of achieving the board objectives which aim for the development of the school.

  • Supporting, updating and developing the educational process with non-traditional resources

  • Encouraging students to maintain the cleanliness of their school and the surrounding environment

  • Supporting and following up all the educational activities at school


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