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Elwy Language School

Welcome to the National Division of Elwy Schools. This division comprises four stages: the KG, Primary, Prep and Secondary stages. Students’ ages range from 3 year-olds in the Baby Class to 17 year-olds in the Secondary stage.

In the early Primary stages, i.e. from Primary One to Three, children study core subjects: Arabic, English, French or German, Maths, and Religion as well as some activity subjects such as, Scientific Activities, Music, Art, PE, and HE. Starting from Primary Four, they study Science and Social Studies. Our educational system provides a challenging education to meet the needs of our children.

We are committed to academic excellence in order for the students to be able to achieve first class results then go on to the best universities and institutions of higher education, but at the same time, we lay great emphasis on achievement in music, drama and sports.

Our curriculum provides our students with the opportunity to take part in the school activities which enables them to develop lifelong interests and skills.

The national division is fully equipped with the latest technological equipment: computer labs, a multi-media room, interactive boards, an extensive school-wide network, etc. which makes it easier for us to implement our curriculum to the best effect.

The majority of the faculty members are Egyptian certified teachers who are highly qualified and hold graduate degrees. Other members of staff are British or American native-speakers who teach English as a second language.

There is plenty of communication between school and home. Parents receive regular written reports on their children’s performance and progress. There are also parents’ meetings which are held regularly throughout the academic year.

Parents can get individual appointments with the appropriate teacher, department Head or the Principal for individual consultation on the academic progress of their children.The school board has adopted a policy of transparency.

This means that we are ready to share what we do with the parents as well as the wider community. Therefore, we expect you to provide us with your feedback and constructive participation.

Parents are kindly requested to e-mail the school so that we can respond to your messages and keep you informed of the coming events.

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