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Dear Parents,


We hope that your children have had a pleasant holiday and that they are excited about starting school, and we hope this year will be a happy and prosperous year for all of us.

We use this opportunity to inform you of some school rules and regulations which make the home-school cooperation easier and more functional. They are as follows:

- The Daily Book is our daily contact with the parent. In it, you will find all the information on any event that will take place, as well as any comments  that the teachers may have. You can also use it for any questions or comments you may have. So, it is important that you check it on a daily basis.

- You will be given an ID card that you have to fill. You will be asked to show it to the security guard at the gate. We are not going to allow any child to leave if the parent doesn't show the card with the child's name and picture. Please, help us as this is all for the safety of your child. In case that anybody other than the parent should come to collect the child, the school has to be previously  informed (early in the morning) and you should give this other  person your child’s ID card. Without it, we won't allow this person to take your child.

- Your children will be given ID cards on their first day of school. They have to wear this card every day because it makes leaving school at the end of the day easier and faster. Pupils who use the school bus will wear their card on a blue ribbon, while those who are collected by their parents will wear it on a yellow ribbon.

-We organize regular teacher – parents meetings, where you can talk to the teachers directly and get a briefing on your child's progress. Any exceptional meeting you would want to have with any teacher or member of the administration can only be arranged after a previous telephone appointment. If you wish to talk to a teacher, this can only be done in the presence of a member of the KG administration.

- Parents who want to celebrate their child's birthday in class with their classmates will have to arrange for it one week before with the KG administration.

- Your children’s  flasks, school bags, lunch boxes, files and everything personal should bare a name ticket with their names and classes on. Their jackets ought to have their names embroidered on the inner part of the jacket. The school will not be held responsible for any item that bares no name.



  • Food not allowed at school:

  • Unhealthy food (Chipsy and the like, canned soda drinks, like Cola, Fanta etc.)

  • Messy food, like yoghurt, corn flakes, minced meat, etc.

  • Jewelry ( golden rings, earrings, bracelets), money, mobile phones  and anything valuable is forbidden at school . The school will not be responsible for any loss of such valuables.

  • The correct school uniform is to be worn constantly. It includes black shoes, white socks and white hair accessories for girls. The PE uniform is to be worn on PE days and trip days only.

  • Always make your child wears shoes with no shoe-laces. Shoe-laces are not safe. They can catch in school bus doors, playground equipment and fences. It is always safer, especially for younger children, to wear shoes with another kind of fastener.

  • Sandwiches should be sent in a lunch box and water in a flask or plastic water bottle (never in a glass bottle).

  • Always bring your children  to school before 8 o’clock!


Thank you very much for your understanding and co-operation.



The KG Administration

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