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Campus Facilities

The schools offer modern and smart interior and exterior environments, with playgrounds and sports facilities that are age appropriate, safe and enjoyable for our children.

Elwy schools have equipped facilities which provide a clear differentiation between children of different age groups. Children have access to a swimming pool, gymnasium and covered and outdoor play areas.


E-library/ Media Center:


The Schools are supplied with the latest educational materials and equipment. The media center has an educational video library as well as a collection of an educational DVDs on a local area network. Magazines, books and reference materials are also available.


Computer Technology:


Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum with the use of 40 computers located in 3 labs. An extensive school-wide network connects computers throughout the schools. Computer instruction is offered at every grade level. The Internet is available for all computer labs. Fully equipped multimedia rooms for interactive learning and smart boards are available for all stages.

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