About ELS

Elwy Language School provides top quality education. We offer the perfect learning environment for your children. Being a student at ELS means you can be confident of studying the right courses for your needs and of enjoying the diversity of activities that ELS offer.

Our trained and experienced staff is here to make sure that your studies as well as your welfare are well taken care of.

The faculty of about 200 consists of 100 teachers, 5 administrators and others. The majority of the faculty members is Egyptian certified teachers and hold graduate degrees. The schools’ current enrollment exceeds 800 students. Approximately 96% of the students are Egyptians while the remaining students represent different nationalities. The school scores extremely well academically. Students receive an excellent education at ELS. In addition to the academic program the school provides a wide range of all kinds of activities for the students.

During the school year it is usual for a number of activities to be organized.  Sports activities such as basketball, volleyball and football are available to the students. Additional activities include ballet and dance, scouting programs, drama, swimming, music, art and clubs.

About EBS

Elwy British International School is a private, English medium, co- educational school for students from Foundation stage up to grade 12.

What make EBS special is the educational experiences the rigorous academics and the values it offers to its students. The school's environment encourages authentic learning and helps the students feel a sense of security, comfort, belonging and commitment to lifelong learning.

  • Nowadays, British education is becoming more and more popular for students who strive for excellence. The strong British curriculum and the high achievements in British qualifications have helped our graduates join the universities of their choice and be more in demand in the job market. Proudly, two of our students in the year 2015 have been awarded "The Best Achievers Award" by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and Edexcel Board. They are Fadi Ehab in IGCSE Mathematics and Mostafa El – Shandawily in Advanced level Accounting.

  • We believe in stressing academic excellence and personal and social development through our programmes. This is in accordance with our Vision statement that says: "The school is working towards developing the essential life skills as well as the cognitive, cultural and technological skills for learners' according to the principles of democratic education."

  • Our goals include the provision of best education, meeting the needs of students and parents and promoting good communication among the school, home and the larger community. We help students move away from memorization of facts to also knowing how to use information and relate it to daily life. Therefore, practical, oral and thinking skills are developed continuously through the academic programmes and activities.

  • We are a certified school by Cambridge International Examinations, Edexcel, the British council and the Ministry of Education for teaching Cambridge and Edexcel curricula, and preparing our students for the British International Exams such as Checkpoint tests, the IGCSE and the As/ A level GCE exams.

  • The teachers at EBS are experienced, of higher caliber, friendly and yet firm. They motivate their students who take pride in what they learn and do.

  • The students' academic progress is periodically reported to parents and students Formative and summative means of assessment are used to evaluate our students' performance on the basis of what they know, understand and can do. At EBS we believe in positive reinforcement. We encourage our students to excel and we reward them for their high achievements. This recognition helps them build pride in themselves, their abilities, their work and their school. New students settle in very quickly and feel welcomed.

  • Finally, we can proudly say that we have what makes an effective school. We have the vision, the facilities, the staff, the curriculum, the activities, the supportive parents, the assessment system, the recognition by the local community and the international examinations boards, the commitment for continuous improvement and the finance to achieve our goals in maintaining high educational performance standards, we at EBS, hope that once you have learned about us, you will want to visit us and we will be delighted to welcome you to our school.