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The preparatory division provides our students with an education that would transform their lives and empower them to reach their goal of success in college and beyond.

Our curriculum emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills. We also recognize the benefits of non- formal learning that students gain from the daily interactions.

Our average class size is 20 students. The small classes create an environment conducive to personal interaction between students and teachers. The teachers are also able to focus on the individual instructional needs of their students, particularly those with developing abilities.

Activities are positive for all students` wellbeing. Some examples of extracurricular activities that the students practice are as follows:Theatre, music, painting, maintenance, economics, computer, aerobics, basketball, football, handball, table tennis and squash.

The preparatory division caters for twelve to fifteen years old students. The staff of 30 teachers prepares the students for success in the global community.

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