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Frequently Asked Questions

when does the admission usually start?

The admission usually starts in January of each year. An announcment is made through our website for the students’ brothers and sisters to applay each year for KG1.

The admission period does not exceed one month and totally depends on the number of applicants to join the school.

For KG2 the admission starts in March of each year.

For Sec and Pre-IG the admission starts in April of each year.


What are the admission terms and conditions?

  • The parents must be college graduates.

  • Minimum age accepted is 4 years for KG1.

  • The kids and the parents must pass the admission assessment tests.


What are the official documents necessary for admission?


  1. A copy of the child's birth certificate

  2. A copy of the parents’ college certificates

  3. A copy of the parents’ ID

  4. A passport size photo of the child


What is the procedure for transferring from schools in different stages?

An Application has to be filled, then the student should pass the assessment test in the beginning of the summer vacation, The applicant's acceptance is decided according to the test results and the available places in the school.


What are the School fees?

The new academic year fees are not yet decided. They are usually decided in the beginning of each school year by the Ministry of Education.


What are the terms of payment for the school fees?

The school fees must be paid in full at the beginning of the school year (Only for the first year students), then for the coming years the fees can be paid in 2 installments.

What is included in the school fees?

Tuition fees plus school books and school activities

Where can I buy the school uniform?

The official shop for ELS school uniform is GELGELA.

When does the school day starts?

From 7:30 am till 2:45 pm.

What are the activities available in school?

Football- Basketball- Tennis table- Squash- Swimming - Volleyball- Handball- Library- Music- Art- Home economics

What are the bus fees?

The bus fees vary each year.

What is the average number of students in each class?

30 students per class, in KGs there are 2 teachers in each class.

What are the class facilities?

The classes are equipped with Air conditions and whiteboards. Some classes are also have smart boards.

What nationalities do the teachers have?

ELS has Egyptian teachers for the national school and foreign teachers for the International School.

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