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Our Vision

We work towards developing the essential life skills, cultural and technological skills for all students according to the principle of democratic learning.

Our Mission

  • Establishing a highly knowledgeable and cultured school leadership and raising awareness about the educational operation.

  • Extending the role of libraries to the best effect and holding cultural symposiums.

  • Enhancing the board of Trustees’ role in the participation of the educational operation.

  • Augmenting the social worker’s performance to get the full benefit of a better academic function for learners.

  • Providing the school with highly technological educational equipment such as language and computer labs.

  • Raising the academic level of the learners with learning difficulties and developing the work quality of the more advanced learners.

  • Developing the teacher’s role in the learning process and improving their vocational and educational qualifications.

  • Encouraging the participation of learners and their families in social work and charity events.

  • Encouraging the participation of learners and teachers in health and environmental campaigns to minimize pollution problems.

  • Boosting the role of the school activities and catering for gifted and talented learners.

Our History

The schools were established by Engineer Aly Elwy in 1995 according to the latest educational techniques applied in highly developed countries and we opened in the academic year 1995/1996. They are registered as distinguished leading schools in the Giza and Haram areas.In 2001, Elwy schools opened the IGCSE division. The first IGCSE class graduated in 2004 with brilliant results".

Since 1995 the schools have always offered a wide range of cultural, recreational and sports activities such as basketball, volleyball, handball, football, squash and table tennis. Additional activities include ballet, scouting programs, drama, swimming, art and music.

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