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The primary school covers the National curriculum Years 1 to 6 (age 6-12). Teachers provide stimulating activities to build up pupil confidence and harness their natural curiosity. Children thereby achieve high levels of knowledge skills and understanding while enjoying the learning process.

Our subjects (math, science, English, Arabic and Social Studies) are taught in a multidisciplinary approach. The format of instruction includes whole group, small group and one on one time for each child. Our activities and lessons vary to meet the needs of all of our students.

Each classroom teacher meets with the administration team weekly for pupil progress meeting, where the needs, concerns and strengths of each child are discussed.In this stage we have specialist teachers for our art, music, physical education, information communication technology and a library media program.

These teachers work very closely with the classroom teachers to integrate topics and subjects into these creative outlets. In addition to specialist teachers, we have a lab technician who arranges weekly visits to one of our fully functional science labs. These visits integrate topics being covered in the class with hands on experiments and demonstrations. Teachers are encoureged to integrate technology into the curriculum by utilizing computers and interactive whiteboards.

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